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Learning to Articulate the Feet: A 3-Step Guide

In speech, to "articulate" means the ability to express oneself clearly and fluidly. Likewise, a dancer needs to have the ability to move certain parts of their body in a smooth manner that doesn't look choppy or disjointed. Learning to articulate the feet results in...

Plus-Size? 3 Reasons You Should Take Ballet

"Ballerina" is almost synonymous with "thin". Adult ballet students, however, come in all shapes and sizes. If you're plus-size, you should never be shamed or self-conscious about joining adult ballet. Here's 3 reasons why: 1. You challenge the norm. Since there is so...

The Best Time Of Day To Take Ballet Class

What's great about adult ballet classes is the flexible schedule. In efforts to appeal to a broader demographic, schools and studios are offering classes from morning 'til dinnertime. So, what's the best time of day to take class? Whenever! Consider the Pros and Cons...

4 Tips To Stay Healthy For Ballet Class

Ballet is hard work. Follow these 4 tips to make sure you're performing at your optimum level. 1. Hydration Water, water, water. Stay hydrated during all those kicks, turns, and jumps. Some metal and plastics have an aftertaste, so invest in a high-quality glass or...

Ballet Class and Flu Season: 5 Ways To Prevent Illness

Brutal weather has been hitting the nation. So has the flu. Unfortunately, ballet class can be the perfect place to pick up a nasty cold. Taking precautions and being aware of your surroundings can lessen your chances of getting sick. Consider 5 ways to help you avoid...

Parents and Kids: 3 Ways To Do Ballet Together

Clearly, ballet is not just for kids. But did you know that there are options for parents and children to enjoy ballet together? Discover 3 ways to incorporate ballet into your family routine. 1. Take "Mommy and Me" classes. If your little one is in the age range of...

Top 5 Reasons Adults Avoid Ballet Class (And Why You Should Go Anyway)

Adults avoid going to class for a number of reasons: financial, commute, scheduling conflicts etc. But most of the time, their hesitancy stems from personal insecurities. Here are the top five reasons adults avoid going to class, and why you should rethink your...
Happy  Anniversary, Ballet for Adults!

Happy Anniversary, Ballet for Adults!

As we are celebrating our one year anniversary of owning Ballet For Adults, we would like to share our accomplishments and our goals for the future. Our most exciting news is that we are starting a podcast show that will provide more opportunities for busy adults to…

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5 Reasons Every Dad Should Take Ballet

5 Reasons Every Dad Should Take Ballet

When you learn you are about to be a father, most guys immediately start thinking about the million-and-one things they need to do over the next 18 years to ensure their little one grows up happy and healthy. Your to-do list suddenly includes responsibilities like…

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Ballet is an art form pursued by all ages, which is one of the most enchanting elements of its artistry.  While acknowledging age in the studio is not meant to define a dancer’s ability, talent or grace, it can create a welcoming space for modifications in the lesson. This has been increasingly recognized by studios lately, and can be inviting to a group of adult ballet dancers in particular: seniors.

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Perhaps ballet etiquette is something that is never stated out loud in class — but you can depend on this: it matters to your instructor and to the experienced dancers in your class! If you feel that ballet etiquette is old fashioned or uptight, consider that you are studying a classic art form that depends on tradition.

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Prepare for a Revolution

Prepare for a Revolution

Just when we thought pointe shoe construction couldn’t get any more personal, enter the age of 3D printing. Imagine using a machine to scan a dancer’s feet, then utilizing those images to create custom pointe shoes, actually printed out in usable form with a 3D printer. Revolutionary, right?

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