3 Reasons Seniors Should Take Ballet

Adult ballet welcomes dancers of all ages, including seniors. For many 65 and up, the saying holds true, “It’s not the age, it’s the mileage!” Senior students play an active role in the adult ballet community and can benefit greatly from regular classes. Consider 3 reasons seniors should take ballet.

1. Helps you stay physically active.


For those who suffer from conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis, basic ballet technique can help you feel younger and more agile. Even mild exercises can work to combat muscle atrophy and grease your joints. Ballet also increases circulation, improves overall mobility, and most of all, it’s fun! If you’re bored with traditional aerobic exercise like walking or swimming, try a beginner ballet class.

2. Provides mental stimulation.

Music Festival Background

Some seniors enjoy reading or scrapbooking to jog their minds and provide entertainment. But if these hobbies aren’t your cup of tea, ballet technique gives you a chance to exercise your mental muscles with its vast array of combinations. It teaches you how to count music, pay attention to subtle differences like weight changes, and no two classes are exactly the same, so it, ahem, keeps you on your toes!

3. Builds social structure.


If you tend to be reclusive, you could benefit from interacting with fellow students. This isn’t to say you must develop close friendships with all your classmates, but being around others takes the sole focus off of you and directs it to other productive activity. Socializing with people who share similar interests will improve your mood, and you just may learn something new!

Senior students have the potential to brighten every adult ballet class. So if you were on the fence before, hop over already!

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