3 Reasons You Should Wear A Bun For Ballet Class

Love it or hate it, a ballet bun is classic and practical. You can wear it high on the crown of your head, or low, by the nape of your neck. Whichever you choose, here are three reasons why you should wear a bun in class.

1. Loose hair gets in your face.

Practicing in a ballet barre

It may look ethereal, but have you ever tried to bend or twist with loose hair? It’s a disaster. By the time you roll up, your hair looks like a crazy mop, and your vision is blocked from all the untamed strands covering your eyes. Not good. Having your hair in a bun is essential even for seemingly low-key barrework. Some exercises will require that you move your head, and you don’t want to choke on your own locks.

2. Turns are so much easier.


We have a saying in ballet class for loose hair that whips you in the face every time you turn: “helicopter hair”. Avoid the inevitable sharp lashing against your face by creating a secure bun. How: Start by making a sleek ponytail. Then, twist the ponytail into a tight bun. Finally, fasten it down with another hair tie followed by bobby pins to help hold the bun in place. Some figure they can wear a messy bun and it will be sufficient. But one set of piqué turns across the floor with flying hair and you’ll be dancing to a different tune.

3. It honors tradition.


A ballet bun is not only classy and professional, it honors tradition. Think about it: you can wear loose hair anytime. But in ballet class, a beautiful bun is special to the art form. Having loose, messy hair shows disrespect and makes you look sloppy. Understandably, you may not have the time to make a bun, or maybe you have short hair. In this case, do your best to create a pulled-together look.

These are some important reasons you should wear a bun to ballet class. If for whatever reason you cannot manage this look and you have long hair, try a messy bun, or, at the very least, wear a ponytail!

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