Homeschooled Ballet Students

Homeschooled teens are always welcome in an adult ballet class if they are seeking an extracurricular activity. Homeschooling requires diligent effort, and engaging in outside activities can have either a positive or negative influence. There are factors that make it appropriate for a teen to participate in an adult ballet class, and the opportunity can reap long-term benefits. These factors include: age, schedule, and training.

Age. A teen should be at least 15 years old before joining an adult ballet class. After all, it’s called adult for a reason. The class is designed for older students with their physical abilities and limitations in mind. With the advent of puberty, teens generally already feel awkward and insecure; it wouldn’t be appropriate for what is essentially a child to be planted in a group of 30 and 40 year olds.

Meanwhile, one of the greatest benefits a teen gets from being part of an adult ballet class is it helps them socially. It’s said that youths are like sponges; the more they are in a particular environment, the more they will adopt its habits. If the environment is mature and responsible, having close, regular association with older ones will improve their social skills. This is not to say that everyone in class will coddle them or be particularly friendly. Since they are not surrounded by a public school dynamic on a routine basis, homeschoolers can be shy. Participating in adult ballet class will encourage them to interact with others.

Schedule. The schedule a homeschooler has is due largely in part to their parents, and parents produce two types of students: homeschooled, and self-schooled. The first involves a proactive approach to a teen’s education and progress, where the latter is what happens when the teen is left to their own devices, sometimes to the point of never completing school. When a teen is not given any direction, or is allowed to slack, it could damage their ability to function in the outside world.

However, if a homeschooler demonstrates strong motivation, they could take advantage of their flexible schedule to learn responsibility. Whatever the timetable is at home, adult ballet class starts on time! If a teen is used to getting out of bed at noon, attending a class in the morning could give them a boosy. Maybe the homeschooler is an early riser and whizzes through their schoolwork. They could enroll in an afternoon or evening class to round out their day. Being on someone else’s schedule teaches them structure, time management, and even prepares them for the workforce.

Training. The idea of exercise may be unappealing to teens who are dealing with a mixture of hormones, weight changes, and irregular sleep patterns. Nonetheless, it is vital that homeschooled teens engage in physical activity.

It is perfectly acceptable for a teen to join an adult ballet class if they have little to no prior training. If a teen has significant ballet training under their belt already, but they don’t want to pursue a career, then they may actually prefer an adult ballet class instead of the intense training they were previously accustomed to. No matter their fitness level or goals, adult ballet class is a non-critical environment where teens can get in shape and feel good about themselves outside of the home.

Homeschooled students can benefit from joining an adult ballet class. It will improve their social skills, teach them work ethic, and help them stay physically healthy.


image credit: Donna Winton
Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)


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