Top 3 Reasons Adult Ballet Dancers Rock

A pint-sized princess may be cute in a teeny tiny tutu, but seeing Mom (or Dad) break a sweat is an inspiring vision. Here are the top three reasons adults make awesome ballet students.

1. They’re enthusiastic.

Sure, there are millions of little girls who love ballet – or so they think. Maybe they will grow up still loving it, or maybe it’s just a phase. Adult students are different because they’re old enough to really appreciate the beauty and hard work behind the art form, and there is no ballet mother in the wings pressuring them to do something they don’t want to do. Adults don’t throw temper tantrums in class, they know it’s not nap time, and they come to class prepared to learn with an open mind.

2. They’re loyal patrons.


Face it: they have the money honey. Adults pay tuition, buy tickets, and make contributions to organizations. Adults are valuable consumers that should be respected and catered to. A lot of the time, it’s the adults that are having more fun at The Nutcracker than the kiddos! Like fascinated children with wide-eyes, they get a kick out of going to performances: the costumes, music, scenery etc. Adult students are the biggest fans of the ballet world, and they love to support the cause. 

3. They challenge the norm.


Adult students are brave and determined. They are engaging in an activity that is typically relegated to mini wunderkind. They explore movements that their bodies are perhaps not used to, and often reach new heights they never thought possible. Some progress to dancing on pointe; a risky venture for a late starter. Many even participate in local productions. Ballet is very physical, and adult students prove you don’t have to be in grade school to possess strength and vitality.

You matter. You got this.

You rock.

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