Top 4 Reasons Men Should Take Ballet

There’s a stigma associated with male ballet dancers and this attitude needs to be buried. Male dancers are strong, supportive, and talented. If you’re thinking about trying a ballet class, here’s a little boost to get you moving.

1. You’re always welcome.

In an art form dominated by women, men are a welcome addition to any class. If you have a little apprehension, don’t let it discourage you from jumping in with the pack. Your presence changes things up, and you’ll experience a level of respect among your peers. You may even have opportunities to practice partnering, or perform solo combinations.

2. You’ll get a workout.


Ballet is an intense combination of cardio and strength training. If you’re trying to achieve a lean physique, ballet technique is great because it works the entire body evenly, preventing certain muscle groups from becoming overworked. Not only are you basically bench-pressing your body weight, but it increases flexibility and agility. Major league football teams have even put their players through training to improve their skills. So if you think you’re going to be prancing around without breaking a sweat, think again twinkle toes.

3. The profession needs more males.


In this increasingly technological society, it can be hard to find willing and able men to join the ranks of professional ballet companies. If you are a young adult considering a professional career, work hard and apply yourself. Attend summer workshops to hone your skill and take advantage of private lessons. Schools are ready to throw money at promising students with full-time scholarships. Remember, you are valuable, so use all the tools at your disposal.

4. It will make you a more well-rounded dancer/athlete.


Maybe ballet is not your thing. Perhaps you’re more interested in jazz or hip hop. Ballet is still the foundation of all dance, and having some technique under your belt will pay off in other styles of dance. You will not meet one professional contemporary dancer who hasn’t undergone some level of ballet training. So before you write it off, consider the benefits you will receive and how it will help you in the long run.

Ballet is an incredibly athletic art form. Try using it in conjunction with other forms of exercise like weight lifting, running, or yoga. Take a variety of classes and discover the opportunities available to you. You’ll feel good, look good, and never look at ballet the same way.

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